Nazar, 2020

Indian fusion cafe branding

My goal was to create a brand identity for an Indian fusion cafe that would be located in New York City, the heart of multicultural atmosphere. Since I was taking it back to my Indian roots, I decided to go with a theme close to my heart, the concept of Nazar. Nazar is an eye-shaped amulet believed to protect against the evil eye, in not only India but also Turkey, Greece, Pakistan, Iran and other Asian and Middle Eastern countries. I chose strong Indian imagery (retro Bollywood actresses), but keep the color palette pastel to hold onto the idea of the “fusion” cafe. This is the logo for the cafe, in both English and Hindi.

The branding identity, as shown in these postcards, included retro Bollywood actresses emphasizing on 'nazar'. 

This coffee table zine that explained how Nazar was treated in my culture in India- with the lemon chili solution and the scientific and mythologic reasons for using lemon and chili to get rid of the negative aura.