DEMAP, 2020

Map application curated for designers 

Brand purpose :

- To educate, inspire and assist designers through New York City via a tailored route/experience for them.

- To created a trusted community of designers who can inspire each other. 


- Educational and recreation tool for designers (specially students)

- Easy to stay updated/ follow on events

- Connects you with people with similar interests

- Help navigate through design-focused venues

- Quick image search of locations/architectural pieces or art pieces to give more information about the place


- The idea of having a physical map involves the users rotating and figuring out the routes. I look this idea ahead and decided to create a logo that reads the same when turned upside down. 

Since my logo can be seen when flipped upside down too, I wanted to take the advantage of it and create an ad that

that can be seen from all sides. Subway was the perfect location because people are constantly walking while looking

at the floors. This way, they would stop an take a look at the interesting things that are pointed in those directions.

DEMAP is based on the philosophy helping designers connect with the local community of New York City for resources. Thus, post it’s launch we plan to host a promotional event in the form of a design expo called Design Market at A/D/O, Brooklyn, New York on the first weekend of May 2021 for all our app users and potential app users alike.