BIJOU - Baskin Robbins, 2019

sub-brand creation

Through this project, I wanted to elevate the lost brand of Baskin Robbins, and as a solution I came up with the idea to create something new and fresh that restores their legacy, change their brand positioning and somehow still keep the essential values of the original Baskin Robbins, aka a sub-brand. 

After a long period of naming process, I decided to go with “BIJOU” because it means jewel and tiny (this brand would be targeted to people who are willing to spend more on ice cream), it starts with BI (Bart and Irvin were the two co-founders of BR) and the letters "BI" visually create a 31, just as it does in the original logo.

This was a multi-layered project, and I decided to elaborate on the concept of “farm-to-fridge” through giving the users an interactive AR experience. What if you could see exactly how this tub of ice cream was made?